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Dance Instructor

Video from documentary film PINA by Wim Wenders

‘…the endearing Fernando Suels Mendoza…’


The New York Times

‘…the Venezuelan artist has a remarkable appreciation of gesture. He knows how to remain grand while in the background, but completely fills the enormity of the stage with his emotional solos…’



‘With Pina, there was always space to evolve, to grow old within a piece. With age, the strength and energy are no longer the same but the structure remains the same and allows the work to continue’


Danser Pina

‘We’re screaming and crying and laughing’


The Guardian

Dance Instructor

There are still many new things to discover.

I joined the Tanztheater Wuppertal in 1995. I come from Venezuela, and never imagined I would spend so many years in Germany.

I have a strong connection to morning class – if I miss it, I feel unprepared for what is coming – we’re all together, starting the day’s journey.

Interview by Davis Jays, The Guardian

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